Boosts 2.0

A Boost in an immediate advantage. Once revealed, a Boost token in used up: it provides the Krosmaster using it with its advantage, and is then removed from the game. As long as it is face-down, a Boost token does not have any effect.

Buffs 2.0

A Buff is a temporary improvement. When a Krosmaster uses a Buff token, turn in face-up on the character card: they will then benefit from the Buff effect until the start of their next turn. At that point, you should remove the Buff token from the game.

Equipment 2.0

Equipment is a permanent improvement. It takes effect as soon as the Demonic Reward token is turned face-up, and stays that way until the end of the game.
Once revealed, it is impossible to separate a character from the Equipment token. There are 5 types of equipment: Weapons, Sets, Pets, Technique and Dofus.
A Krosmaster can only have one token of each type of Equipment face-up on their card. If a Krosmaster already owns a piece of Equipment, they cannot reveal another one of the same type.
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