Doc H. Walton
The "One" who explores the entire Krosmoz, noting down every discovery and making it available to those who are in trouble!

This is "The" Krosfinder

We are proud to introduce the new mascot of Doc H. Walton! We were looking for a character who could embody the spirit and goal which gave life to this website. In order to make it possibile, we have asked Nicola Saviori (Krosmaster official artist), who followed our suggestions to create a new wonderful Krosmaster character.

The starting idea was a character who could reproduce our philosophy: a hero who searches, finds and tracks all Krosmasters in Krosmoz. A sort of adventurer, an explorer able to inspire confidence and could be the compass to trust in time of trouble.

Do you like the result?

New Hero, New Cards...?

Nicola Saviori

The artist behind Krosmaster

He is a freelance Illustrator and video game Visual artist working in Florence. He works on many games such as Krosmaster Arena, Battle Chasers NightWar, Duelyst etc. and has some collaboration with great Game house like Blizzard, Riot and many more.

Here you have his references, hit the "like" button a big time on his works, start to follow him and tell him that you followed our recommendation!